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Pastor Appointed

December 7, 2011 -- During a special business meeting held by the members of North Baptist Church, our senior deacon, Mr. Richard Reid was voted in as the new Senior Pastor for the church. He has filled this position for the past 3 years during the search for a new pastor. The church is looking forward to continuing its outreach into our community and expanding its horizons. 2011 is the 125th Anniversary of North Baptist Church and Pastor Reid becomes the 26th pastor of the church.

Roll of Pastors


M. C. Thwing                 1886-1887

E. H. Sweet                    1888-1890

C. T. Douglas                1891-1894

W. H. Wyman                Supply

D. T. Wyman                 1895-1901

C. B. Bolles                   1902-1904

A. T. Ringold                 1904-1913

G. E. Lombard               1914-1918

H. B. Mitchell                1919-1920

F. W. French                  1920-1925

Neil MacLean                 1925-1926

W. S. Stowell                 1927-1930

F. J. Coleman                 1931-1935

S. J. Riggs                      1936-1937

A. M. Clark                      1937-1942

A. C. Guild                     1942-1948

G. W. Swetnam              1949-1952

W. T. Woodward           1953-1956

W. L. Baglow                 1957-1963

H. M. Lancaster             1963-1967

John Goodhart               1967-1968

Gerald Kroll                   1968-1979

Warren Stuber               1979-1987

Charles Prosper             1988-2002

Peter Laitres                   2003-2008

                                                                       Richard Reid                 2008-